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I just adore your designs you never cease to amaze me hunni :) thank you for posting, please keep them coming :) xx
2019-02-12 08:51:15
Happy 15th anniversary 😘
2019-02-06 21:07:13
your doing awesome work here hands down to you :)
2019-02-01 17:35:13
Heres 5 towards a new shovel... get lol :)
2019-01-01 16:05:06
Second place in the TGx got talent Christmas edition, and thanks for great tutorials, and Wish you a very beautiful, very peaceful, very wonderful, very happy new year. :)
2019-01-01 15:17:13
Congrats to winner, great work :)
2018-12-28 11:44:40
Second place in the TGx got talent christmas edition competition. Congrats and well deserved
2018-12-28 08:17:03
TGx Got Talent Christmas Edition, well done hunni beautiful work :) xx
2018-12-26 09:15:09
for friendship .. five points
2018-12-24 11:29:27
For Bad Santa lol
2018-12-22 20:19:08
Happy Birthday hunni :) hope your day was as wonderful as you :) xx
2018-12-19 08:26:47
Happy Birthday Dear, God Bless You :)
2018-12-18 17:28:44
Happy birthday to youuuuuuu. Get some Hugo 😘
2018-12-18 15:52:09
Your a star that lights the way on a cold dark night... much appreciated
2018-11-28 14:50:45
instead of a bosje bloemen............
2018-11-18 17:03:51
For being the best friend someone could ever wish for.
2018-11-18 00:07:17
You have your reasons for stepping down a peg, i'm sad you did
2018-11-17 00:12:25
Because you deserve it. :)
2018-11-16 09:33:15
Super lady but sad to see you step down but thankful your on the team still, thank you for everything you have done hunni, you truly are remarkable xx
2018-11-15 06:19:08
Five for remembering and caring
2018-11-02 18:40:16
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2019-01-28 15:36:37
@Guest-9209: the torrent is safe to download and watch. But in order to prevent such letters from your internet service provider you should use a VPN to prevent ComCast from seeing you download. You can find more info about VPN here: http://torr...
2019-01-24 07:27:37
As explained before: we don't get to tell scene releasers how they should name things.
2019-01-03 12:59:47
As explained on the thread: We don't get to tell scene releasers how they should do things. The releaser from the scene creates, name and release the torrent on a private site. It then gets released by releasers on public sites, like by our bot. O...
2019-01-02 17:49:06
Scene post by our bot.
2019-01-02 13:21:28
Scene post by our bot.
2019-01-02 13:20:22
This is uploaded by our bot, not created by it.
2019-01-02 13:17:08
If you register and log in there are no redirects, ads or anything.
2018-12-02 11:10:50
Staff are aware that subtitles are out of sync.
2018-11-03 13:07:37
Works perfectly. Misses text file on how to use though. To install: - Disconnect the internet connection. - Install the version you want. - Start trial version and close it. - Unpack patch - place in program folder. - Open patch. - Choose t...
2018-09-30 15:22:37
Working well after using the patch. The torrent does miss a text file with how to patch the program. This is how you can do it: - Install the program version you need - Unpack the patch - Place the patch in the program folder (otherwise it won...
2018-09-30 15:04:14
I've added a short plot to IMDB info.:)
2018-09-19 17:32:32
We also have users here who understand Spanish. So they might want to watch this Cam movie. An English version will probably be uploaded soon.
2018-09-16 14:16:50
This is a very good program to keep your pc safe. A good tutorial on how to use it after installation can be found here:
2018-09-15 10:53:52
Thanks so much for uploading this series and all the hard work.
2018-09-15 09:22:37
Thanks for the upload! :)
2018-09-11 19:02:31
Thanks for the upload.:)
2018-08-13 09:59:26
Childhood memories....:) Thank you!
2018-08-11 17:59:05
Thanks for uploading my request! :)
2018-08-09 16:54:24
Thanks!!!! :D
2018-08-05 14:31:29
Thanks! :)
2018-07-23 16:03:05
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[quote=sagga] Hi, please enable me for upload movies. User name pinku123 [/quote] [quote=sagga] Hi, please enable me to upload movies
2019-02-06 18:29:13
[quote=sagga] Hi, please enable me for upload movies. User name pinku123 [/quote] Is this you too? [user=pinku123]?
2019-02-06 13:25:44
[user=cRAYz] [img][/img]
2019-02-05 11:24:01
[user=adhderby] [img][/img]
2019-02-05 11:17:42
Winning SOTW entry on KAT from a few years back: [img][/img] First place on WWT Christmas banner competition 2017: [img]http://image....
2019-02-05 08:43:01
udp:// udp:// udp:// udp:// ud...
2019-02-01 15:17:51
Request placed on Please use the existing threads.
2019-02-01 15:01:40
Request placed on Please use the existing threads.
2019-02-01 15:01:15
[quote=gazzym] also looking for 1970s series the magician starring bill bixby if anyone can help cheers [/quote] [quote=gazzym] hi looking for 80s series matt Houston if anyone can help cheers [/...
2019-02-01 15:00:13
[quote=Doctorwho6904] Could you kindly verify the 4 torrents i uploaded? I know they don't have many trackers on them but i next one i plan to post does, Thank you. [/quote] Your torrents are showin...
2019-01-31 10:14:04
[quote=davezn] Hi, Thanks for the information. When I try to upload, the upload selects a file not the folder? Any suggestions? Regards davezn [/quote] Tutorial on creating a torrent in your to...
2019-01-30 08:48:51
2019-01-29 20:11:35
[quote=bigboy12] [quote=Angelina] [img][/img] [/quote] Wow,what do you call a cat that size?? :[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected] [/quote] Cata...
2019-01-29 18:37:30
2019-01-29 18:17:40
2019-01-29 18:12:52
[quote=SkMovies] Please bro now you you can send me confirmation message my security normal on 1337x site My profile: [/quote] You are retagging and dumping torrents...
2019-01-29 12:31:20
[quote=davezn] Good Day, I would like to request uploader status for books, music and movies. I am new at this , but would like to share some of the above with other users. Regards davezn [/quote]...
2019-01-29 11:57:37
Welcome to TG [user=killerjane], [user=oldman66], [user=G4teKeep3r], [user=Rhubarb], [user=KotsTorrents] and all other new members.:)
2019-01-28 17:35:34
Welcome to TG [user=CaljoFarm]. Happy downloading.:)
2019-01-27 06:29:06
Almost a month since you passed away.:( [img][/img]
2019-01-24 11:00:33
[quote=matesio] When was TGx born? [/quote] The 8th of April 2018 we opened for public.
2019-01-19 09:00:06
[quote=GhostRider] Any news if Ron's wife received the flowers [/quote] I have not heard anything at all.
2019-01-13 20:33:02
A request from Ron that I did, but that he never got to use. The Captain in space... [img][/img]
2019-01-13 19:18:41
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img]
2019-01-13 18:48:44
[quote=Sp33dy94] [quote=Angelina] [quote=Sp33dy94] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][...
2019-01-10 19:43:08
[quote=Sp33dy94] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] hi, I'm a MIRCrew release...
2019-01-10 18:47:32
[quote=square] [quote=Angelina] Done. I redid some bb-codes and removed some. Now it's working. [/quote] many thanks (and a happy new nineteen) to you Angelina . yeah i remember playing with one ...
2019-01-10 15:24:43
Done. I redid some bb-codes and removed some. Now it's working.
2019-01-10 14:45:36
[quote=square] hi , i was wondering if there is a problem with the torrent editor , i revised a description on a recent upload but when looking at the file in the category (music) the description does...
2019-01-10 14:37:32
2019-01-10 14:20:25
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They might not be real but you really do look good in them ......
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Congratz as our new SuperAdmin :)
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For all the hard work and dedication you put into the site the past 2 months.. I can't think of anybody more deserving to carry this status before you.
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Thanks for joining the team :)
2018-04-07 20:22:10
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